A Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay

Does a fruit taste its sweetest when it is forbidden? Is that which is prohibited always the most pleasurable? In this passionate and perceptive collection, Tatiana de Rosnay paints a portrait of the most forbidden of loves, in many different shades—sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt, always with a dry wit and an unflinching authenticity. A PARIS AFFAIR is an enjoyable “undressing” of intimate delights, where laughter mingles with compassion and the heartbeats of illicit desire.–St. Martin’s Press;2015


A Paris Affair are a collection of short essays about married Parisians, in their early thirty, who have at least two small children and have or are a cheating spouse.   The essays do not go into the reasoning for the affairs, nor follow the couples in the aftermath their discovery.

The theme or overall lesson of the novel seems to be; ‘hey your husband will cheat, eh’.  The stories are well written and each have an interesting storytelling style, but with no real conclusion or point, they all left me with a feeling of hopelessness towards romance and marriage. –Borrow it




Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly

Natty and Sean Wainwright have a rock-solid marriage and family. When their younger daughter falls ill on an overseas school trip, Natty rushes to her side. Luckily, Natty’s best friend from college, Eve Dalladay, is visiting and offers to stay with Sean to lend a hand in the Wainwright household. But Natty returns home to find that Sean has fallen in love with Eve. Natty attempts to start anew, but Eve is there to knock her down again. Then Natty receives a mysterious note that says Eve has done this before and the consequences were fatal. On a mission to reveal Eve as a vindictive serial mistress, Natty must navigate through a treacherous maze of secrets and lies that threatens her life and the safety of her loved ones.—Grove Press; 2014

Book Review:

The issues and trains of thought presented in Keep Your Friends Close are extremely relateable. Trying to be the perfect mother and wife. Having to do everything yourself, because no one can do it as good as you. Needing to create the perfect life to impress and prove everyone wrong or right. Eve took that perfect life away from Natty Wainwright by turning her husband Sean’s head.
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